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PeelConnect Incorporated

PeelConnect Incorporated is a registered charity, committed to building a better community by bringing individuals and organisations together to address issues of homelessness, mental health, drugs and alcohol.

We are dedicated to making our community a better place for all, and nurture productive relationships to achieve this.

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What we do

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Mentoring, Advocacy, Counselling and Support


MACS has a team of qualified counsellors, providing counselling by donation to those who would otherwise have limited access to this support due to issues of finances, wait times, and transport. Clients may be referred by other agencies, or self refer. 



Additionally, our volunteer mentors provide a daytime outreach service to people who are experiencing homelessness, or at risk of homelessness, in the form of mentoring. Mentors are matched to a person who has identified this to be a useful service for them. Mentors and mentees meet on a regular basis to establish a trusting relationship that fosters positive change. Mentors may also provide transport and support in attending appointments, and in transition to stable accommodation.

Night Carers

This outreach service is provided by a team of volunteers who go into the community at night to provide assistance to those who are experiencing homelessness, and are rough sleeping. 

PeelConnect Incorporated supply care bags comprised of mostly donated items such as blankets, towels, socks, toiletries, and other essential items.

Our Night Carers also offer a hot drink, a friendly chat, and sometimes referrals to other local agencies that might be able to provide assistance.

0420 714 379
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0420 714 379
0420 714 379


PeelConnect Incorporated, in conjunction with Matchworks, facilitates a Work for the Dole project where participants are sewing shopping bags as a small contribution to a world less dependent on plastic, in addition to repurposing, renovating, recycling, remodelling and reutilising items for sale.

Participants gain new skills and benefit from the additional opportunity to socialise and make new community connections. 
All funds generated from this project contribute to the work of PeelConnect 
Incorporated and this project is only possible with thanks to:

  • Matchworks Mandurah for collaboration, use of their venue and sourcing of participants, 

  • Participants who sew, and

  • Our volunteers who generously gift their time and expertise to provide supervision for the sewing project.

Celebrating Community Connection (CCC)

This is now established as an annual event on the FIRST DAY OF AUGUST each year. PeelConnect Incorporated provides free tickets to partner agencies working in the fields of mental health, drugs and alcohol, and homelessness within the Peel region.


We create an environment outside of daily work pressure to nurture partner agency employees, their volunteers, and those individuals in the community who work tirelessly for the good of others. This fun event fosters stronger relationships and enhances the effectiveness of referrals for our common clients.


“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”

Mark Twain

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0420 714 379

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