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The MACS concept provides our community with a win-win situation. Qualified counsellors gain valuable experience needed to secure paid employment, whilst providing timely and affordable counselling services to those otherwise limited by finances and long wait times.


We do have other services in our local area, however all have long wait lists, in addition to those psychologists who bulk bill. Many people are unable to afford to pay for counselling, or paying for counselling is often at the bottom of their list of priorities.

We describe ourselves as a FEE FREE SERVICE. This means that if you can make a donation, we gratefully accept it, however it is not compulsory.

Our counsellors hold a minimum of Diploma qualification, and are registered with the Australian Counselling Association. They are supported in their work through independent clinical supervision, group supervision, and ongoing professional development. Counsellors new to the service are mentored until they are competent to work independently. 

Clients may self-refer, or are otherwise referred from the MACS mentor team, Night Carers, one of the many local agencies or businesses, or by word-of-mouth. 



This daytime outreach service is provided free to people who are experiencing homelessness, or at risk of homelessness, in the form of mentoring. Mentors will meet with those clients of the Peel Community Kitchen, or wander the foreshore and local parks to identify people who may need a friendly chat.  Our mentee clients frequently acknowledge the value in having someone to talk to as they are often socially isolated.


A mentoring partnership commences by identifying changes the mentee wishes to make in their life. The mentor's role is to walk alongside the mentee, working with them to achieve their stated goals, role modelling a healthy lifestyle and the capacity to change.

Our mentors always work in pairs and wear a duress alarm to ensure their safety. 

fee free counselling and mentoring
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